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Looking for an easy way to add USB outlets throughout your house? Maybe you're sick of buying additional charging bricks, or just want to ditch the charging bricks at home entirely? SnapPower is here to help with its second generation USB charging outlet, one that improves over the design and feature set of the original by offering not just two USB outlets for charging, but bringing the output voltage up to 5 volts, 2.1 amps as well. The SnapPower 2 USB Charger Outlet shares this 2.1 amp current between both ports, and can deliver significantly faster charging than the first generation product by delivering over twice the overall power output, meaning it's truly built for more modern devices.

While it's not quite as fast as some built-in charging bricks, which in the case of some phones like the OnePlus 5T or Lenovo Moto Z2 can go up to 20 or more watts of power delivery for ultra fast charging, the 10 watt or so power delivering from the SnapPower 2 is certainly fast enough to give friends and guests alike plenty of power to conveniently juice up their phones while they relax on your couch, or even to give the phone a top-up while you cook in the kitchen. It's beyond convenient to just plug into the outlet as you would an appliance, and not having to keep track of a poewr brick is certainly adding a bit of piece of mind, however small, to our busy lives.

Installation is a breeze on top of everything else. There's no wiring that needs to be done, nothing to reconfigure, and almost nothing to worry about at all. It's as easy as unscrewing the old outlet and popping the SnapPower 2 back in its place, as the prongs on the back of the SnapPower 2 fit snugly into the side of the actual outlet itself, and draw current from the outlet's housing. This also means installation takes seconds, with nothing to do once the outlet has been put into place. Is it really this simple? How well does it deliver current, and does it live up to the marketing hype? Find out in our video review below, and don't forget to subscribe!

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