Vero Takes The Top Free Social App Title On Google Play


There's a new social networking application called Vero – True Social at the top of the Google Play Store's ranking system following what appears to be a very brief period of explosive growth. In fact, just days ago the app reportedly only registered in with around 500,000 downloads on Android but, as of this writing, that figure has moved into the 1 million to 5 million range. What's interesting about that sudden rise in popularity, which started on February 22, is that the Vero social network itself has actually been around since 2015. Having said that, it isn't entirely surprising that Vero would be performing well since its manifest purpose is to fix the problems of other social networks and other apps in similar categories.

Those fixes start with the privacy issues present on services like Facebook. It starts that by positioning itself as a fully fledged interactive network that doesn't utilize advertisers to support itself. That means that it isn't going to be free for everybody, though. The company had previously said that some first-time users will have the opportunity to sign on for free. Beyond those users, Vero is going to move to a subscription model in order to keep the service moving forward and operating smoothly. Initially, the offer only extended to the first 1 million new signups. Since that mark has long-since passed and there still isn't a pricing structure in place, it's not immediately clear when subscriptions will begin to be part of the service. In the meantime, Vero features all of the things one might expect from a social network. There's a dedicated feed to see what friends are posting – which isn't algorithmically determined but a true, real-time affair. Those friends can be placed into three different categories, including acquaintances, friends, and close friends, for control over who gets to see what a user is posting. A dedicated chat tool is included and users can post media, as well as sharing things with people via other services outside of Vero.

All of that and more is available without the problems associated with consumer data collection for profit. Unfortunately for new users, the growth the app is experiencing seems to be causing some server-side issues, which the company says it is working to address. Hopefully, it won't take too long for those to be taken care of but anybody interested in checking Vero out will want to head over to the Play Store via the button below.


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