U.S. OnePlus 5T Sales Officially End Ahead Of Schedule

Oneplus 5t AH NS 12

OnePlus has officially ended sales of the OnePlus 5T in the United States. The Chinese company only launched the OnePlus 5T back in November, acting as a slightly upgraded version of the original OnePlus 5. However, just over four months since its launch, the device is now listed as being out of stock and, according to OnePlus, this stock status is now a permanent thing.

Speaking to Engadget, the company’s head of global marketing and general manager of North America, Kyle Kiang, confirmed that OnePlus has sold every device it has manufactured for the market. It appears the company had originally expected stock of the device to last until the launch of its 2018 flagship, which is expected to launch in June. However, stronger-than-expected demand for the OnePlus 5T means the company’s stocks are now completely diminished and there are no plans to manufacture any extra devices. The company will also not be diverting any stock destined for other regions due to the difficulty of swapping out any region-specific accessories included in the box such as the charger. As a result, those hoping to get their hands on a device will now have to purchase a OnePlus 5T through a third-party retailer or import the device from other markets. It is worth noting, though, that strong demand for the company’s products allowed it to grow its North American sales by a considerable 139 percent in 2017, while also accounting for nearly 25 percent of OnePlus’ global sales. Because of this, OnePlus will likely increase the number of future devices it manufacturers for the market, starting with the upcoming OnePlus 6.

The new device is set to boast a bezel-less design and a display notch, as well as a new glass and aluminum build that should enable wireless charging. Spec wise, recent leaks state that the OnePlus 6 should boast Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 chipset, alongside 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Furthermore, a new dual-camera setup is expected to be included and a reasonable 3450mAh battery is set to be keeping the lights on. Also, like last year’s OnePlus 5 and 5T, the 2018 flagship device is set to boast an AMOLED display, while in the software department Android 8.1 Oreo is expected to be included straight out of the box with OnePlus’ minimal overlay on top.