Top 10 Best Spring Break Android Apps – March 2018


Spring break already started in some parts of the United States and the weather appears to be holding up in many others, having already prompted a lot of students to start planning their upcoming vacations, whereas many others already have their next few weeks all figured out. While the possibilities are vast, one thing that can help you regardless of how you're looking to spend your spring break is — you've guessed it — mobile apps. With that in mind, below you'll find what we believe are the top ten best Android apps for a hassle-free spring break which can currently be downloaded from the Google Play Store.



You're certain you want to use this spring break as an opportunity to do some traveling but aren't certain where to go or even where to start planning? TripAdvisor promises to facilitate the often tedious process of traveling, regardless of whether you're looking to tour the States, visit a specific location, or even go abroad. Even if you're solely interested in spring break-related activities and locations, this Android app will allow you to filter your possible destinations and help you find the best fit for your desires and budget, even if you only end up using it to fish for ideas and want to find transportation and accommodations using different means.



PackPoint is an absolutely ingenious and extremely convenient app that will help you make much more than your spring break travel preparations once you realize how versatile it is. It's essentially a tool for generating packing list suggestions based on where you're going. It's highly customizable, works both domestically and abroad, and will allow you to easily keep track of everything you've packed and are yet to throw into your travel bag(s).

Google Photos


Being a company that does everything from searching the Internet to launching balloons that bring the Internet with them, it's somewhat surprising that perhaps the most universally loved and admired product that ever made its way out of Google's workshop is a gallery app. Granted, saying Google Photos is a gallery is like saying a helicopter is a thing you can use to get to work; it sure is, but it's also so much more. From robust editing capabilities to artificial intelligence-powered archiving suggestions, GIF creations, cloud storage with (optionally) automated syncing, impromptu video generation, and a full-fledged computer vision solution that can identify what kind of crazy cocktail is that bartender making, Google Photos is the tool for making sure your spring break photo collection is well-documented and safe without you having to lift a finger, escept to press that "Install" button on the Play Store.



Ride-hailing is the best thing to happen to transportation since Karl Benz started doubting horses are the pinnacle of mobility and there's no reason you shouldn't benefit from this fantastic invention while you're getting around during your spring break, especially if you're drinking. Naturally, Uber isn't the only such solution in the States or the rest of the world, so feel free to exchange this recommendation with Lyft, Grab, or any other ride-hailing startup in your area, as they'll all save you a lot of money and planning.

Fuel Buddy


If you really insist on a spring break road trip, make sure you're not drinking and also start thinking about gas prices and your fuel consumption. Actually, you can just leave that last part to Fuel Buddy, arguably the best Android app of its kind on the Google Play Store. The name of the service also doesn't do it any favors given how Fuel Buddy can also be your engine oil, car battery, timing belt, spark plug, and [insert_vehicle_compnent] buddy if you need it to.

Find My Friends


Presuming you've already found some friends to take with you on your spring break adventure, this Android app will allow you to find them again in case you get separated so that you don't have to spend half of your vacation looking for new friends to spend quality time with. It's a pretty convenient tool that's been reconnecting people for many years now so certainly give it a spin if you're afraid your group will get separated once you're out partying or exploring new locales.



Once you've found your friends, you'll need a place to crash before embarking on your spring break adventure, which is where Airbnb comes into play. Regardless of whether you're looking for accommodations a day, week, or month in advance, this service will provide you with a wide variety of choices in all price brackets, allowing you to find the best fit for you, yourself, your group, and your overall budget.


Just because you're going into spring break solo doesn't mean you have to leave it at that; the free time you'll have in the coming weeks is the perfect opportunity to do some casual dating, and there's no more convenient tool to do so than Tinder. Regardless of whether you're planning to travel or stay home during your spring break, Tinder will allow you to make the most of your free time in case dating has a place on your agenda.


Trust us on this one: you don't to show up to that date with a complexion of Mr. Krabs and you also don't want to spend half of your spring break in pain due to sunburns. QSun is an app that can help avoid such uncomfortable scenarios by not just telling you when to put sunscreen on but also advising you on the type and volume of the cream you should be using. Regardless of where in the U.S. or even the rest of the world you're located, this Android app will prove its worth many times over your upcoming vacation.


Quality sunscreen isn't cheap and neither is entertainment, so you'd do well to take some precautionary measures in order to make sure you don't suddenly run out of cash halfway into your spring break. There's hardly a better way to do that than Wallet, a highly praised Android app that many are touting as the best and most straightforward financial planner in the mobile space. Regardless of whether you're good with your finances and just need a tool to help with your management activities or want to learn how not to waste money from scratch, Wallet is an app that's certainly worth giving a go.

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