Top 10 Best Android Games – March 2018


Though there may not always be time for games, that doesn't mean games ever stop coming. In fact, tons of new games are released to the Play Store on a daily basis and that translates to a huge monthly collection of new titles to check out. If you're getting bored of the games you're currently playing or simply want to expand your mobile library of games, there are plenty of new titles to consider right now, but here are ten of the absolute best that are definitely worth a look.

Armored Warfare: Assault

Starting things off with action-packed PvP mayhem is Armored Warfare: Assault, which lets you battle it out against your opponents in fearsome tanks with plenty of firepower. you can play against teams of three with two other players, or you can go head to head with a team of eight for a really big battle if you want a little more fun and chaos. You should also have plenty of stuff to work towards as there are a total of 60 different vehicles.


Part Time UFO

If you're not so much into the multiplayer combat then this is a little more casual and actually quite fun. The goal of the game is to complete odd jobs as a UFO, like moving around cargo and stacking it in the right position. You can even unlock outfits to put on your UFO and make it more unique, if that's your thing. If you want a little lighthearted fun, this is it.

Battle Boom


This one is all about strategy and beating your opponent on the field but not in a multiplayer battle like with Armored Warfare. This is more one on one and will require a fair amount of tactics to best your enemies. The idea here is to take out the enemy base and use a variety of things at your disposal to do so. Launch ground and air units, unleash weapons, and even join a legion (sort of like a guild) to help you along the way.


This game isn't technically new as it launched regionally outside of the U.S. some time ago, but it was only available in a very small set of areas. Now the game has been launched globally which means everyone has access tot his action RPG brawler style of game that offers up awesome combat and comic book visuals for the cut scenes. If you like action RPGs then this is worth your time.


Glitch Dash

If you can't get enough of endless runners then perhaps you'll enjoy Glitch Dash, as that's exactly the kind of game it is. Visuals are pretty stunning and it packs just enough challenge to keep you engaged, at least until you get into the later parts of the game where it becomes a little harder and you'll have to really try to get past certain parts.

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War


Fans of Tokyo Ghoul might enjoy this mobile adaption of the series, which lets you play through some parts of the anime in an action RPG setting. Anime-style visuals are present and graphics for combat and special abilities are beautifully crafted to provide some eye candy. Though much of the game is focused on single player campaign content, it also includes PvP battles and events that you can participated in if you want a little bit of multiplayer action from time to time.

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

This likely needs little introduction as Street Fighter is a critically acclaimed series on consoles and PC and dates back decades. Street Fighter IV is not the newest title in the franchise of course but this is a newly-launched mobile version of the hit game, with pretty decent mobile controls and tons of characters to unlock just like in the console game. The download is initially free to let players test things out, but you will need to buy the full game as a one-time in-app purchase if you want the complete experience.


Rogue Hearts

Prefer tactical RPGs? Look no further than Rogue Hearts. This is a tactical RPG dungeon crawler with dungeons that are randomly generated to keep you on your toes, a rich story line to follow, and loads of character development by way of expanding abilities and equipping your character with better weapons and armor.



Another game which likely needs no introduction for gamers that have been around for a while and enjoy fighting games, TEKKEN's mobile version has finally launched and actually offers some pretty decent gameplay with easy controls, excellent graphics, 20 unlockable characters, and both story mode gameplay as well as online versus battles where you'll take on your opponents for supremacy.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Rounding out this list is yet another AAA title, but unlike the last two, Final Fantasy XV is a complete recreation optimized for mobile of the original game that can be found on both consoles and PC. This is the same full game with all of the same story line and battles, with mobile-focused controls and small adjustments to fit the touchscreen environment. The game is free to download and will require in-app purchases to unlock the game in episodes, or a one-time full purchase to unlock all of them. If you've yet to play the console or PC version of Final Fantasy XV and are a fan of the series, this is definitely one you won't want to miss.


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