T-Mobile Airs Inclusive Oscars Ad, Asks "Are You With Us?"


T-Mobile CEO John Legere has taken to the company's official blog with a message of solidarity for the carrier's subscribers and to show off a new ad aired during the 2018 Academy Awards. The post itself speaks of the company's mission to maintain itself as the "Un-Carrier," with the CEO saying that it depends entirely on its customers to uphold that position and asking consumers "are you with us?" While still present, Legere's main message aimed at criticizing the rest of the industry is largely subdued in his latest communication. There are no references to "dumb and dumber" and no claims made about network sizes or speeds. Instead, he says it's time to shift focus away from what the company is against and toward what it actually is. That means focusing its attention on customer service and championing choice, according to Legere.

The video itself is similarly celebratory, as can be seen below. Rather than poking fun at AT&T or Verizon, let alone making any comparisons or showing off any maps, the ad spot centers around a parade and a young boy. The child sits alone on his porch, appearing bored until a vibrant procession of people passes by. Each of the parade's participants is decked out in T-Mobile's pink and white, as are most of the general populace coming out to join them, in one way or another. There's even a suspiciously T-Mobile-like pink house along the route. The group continues down the road, marching to Portugal.

T-Mobile was recently forced to respond to allegations about claims it had made in comparing itself to other providers, which may have played a part in its decision to change its marketing strategy, if only temporarily. The cell service company is still striving to change, having recently won accolades in customer service and used that momentum to push further still and open up a new service center. That will also be geared more toward helping reps stay relaxed and happy at work, which should result in better customer service. In the meantime, it remains to be seen whether its less aggressive approach to marketing holds up in the long run.



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