Snap Developing Spectacles 2, Targets Fall Launch: Report

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The company behind Snapchat is reportedly preparing a new version of its Spectacles glasses. Snap initially announced the original version of Spectacles back in 2016, but the product failed to live up to its initial fanfare, shipping a lackluster 150,000 units and forcing the company to write off nearly $40 million in unsold pairs. Now, despite the failure of the original, a new report from Cheddar claims the company has plans for a new pair of connected glasses.

According to the report, the second generation of the Spectacles is already in production and is targeting a release in fall, roughly two years after the original pair hit the market. The new product is set to put a heavy focus on improved performance and bug fixes, although the overall design is said to remain largely unchanged. The only major differences being the added protection against water and a number of new colors. Snap is also said to be working on a third-generation model that will act as a high-end alternative when eventually launched. This variant is expected to boast an improved design that will be carved out of aluminum and sport more circular lenses. In addition, the new pair will also have two cameras that are said to be capable of producing a 3D-like depth effect when recording video, while this will also be coupled with built-in GPS support, allowing users to also appear on the Snap Map. As an added bonus, Snap is said to be throwing in a luxury leather case and will launch the device in 2019, priced at approximately $300. Both upcoming versions of the Spectacles will, however, incorporate a number of AR capabilities such as support for Bitmoji avatars and the popular lenses supported by Snapchat.

Despite the company’s intent on launching the new versions of the Spectacles, their rollouts are said to have already missed a number of internal deadlines, with the third-generation wearable reportedly being a whole year behind schedule. Also, talks to acquire drone maker Zero Zero reportedly fell through last summer but a number of other camera-related acquisitions have taken place in recent times, and Snap is said to have toyed with the idea of placing cameras on other eyewear brand’s products such as those from Luxottica and Warby Parker.