RAVPower Savior Series 10,000mAh Portable Power Bank Review


When it comes to trusted consumer mobile charging solutions, RAVPower is a well-known brand that pumps out a substantial number of brilliant options and the Savior Series 10,000mAh AC Portable Powerbank is no exception to that rule. At just $27.99, this charger – which can be found under the model number RP-PB066 – is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive such offering on the market. It's also not going to charge every device as quickly as some other chargers, though its output rating is in line with what most phones require. Bearing that in mind, it does bring some great features to the table and it will charge the vast majority of devices at least twice. Better still, it comes with several accessories that are certainly worth having.

With regard to what ships in the box, most wireless chargers either ship with a cable and no adapter or with no cables at all. Users are generally expected to use their own as the standard for charging technology has become so ubiquitous. That is absolutely not the case with RAVPower's 10,000mAh Savior Series. In fact, consumers will open the box to find that this charger has a folding standard wall plug built right in and includes two micro USB to USB cables – one 8-inch cable and one 2-foot cable – so users can charge it that way instead if they'd prefer. A soft-touch grey cloth carrying case is included as well. The pouch features a cinch-top and pocket for storing cables. While it probably won't provide a lot of protection for the battery, it does look good and it's a nice touch for such an affordable portable power pack. Aside from that, there's a customer service contact card, complete with a 12-month warranty extension and a short user manual. As usual, the warranty extends for 18 months from the purchase date.

Charging via USB will mean that users need to supply their own 5V/2A adapter plug, but it is a thoughtful inclusion since there isn't always a wall plug available nearby when charging is required. One of the micro USB cables included in the package is undoubtedly meant to offer a way to charge the device. The other can be used to charge up a phone, tablet, or anything else chargeable via micro USB. In addition to the standard 5V/2A micro USB input for charging the charger itself, there are two standard USB ports for outbound charging at up to 5V/2.4. The actual rating on the outflow is 5V/3.4A, so it goes without saying that charging speed will be somewhat reduced when charging two devices at once. That won't necessarily be too big of a deal since 10,000mAh – around 36Wh – of power means that this portable power bank should offer enough juice to charge the vast majority of devices between two and three times with ease.


Since this is a charger nearing the bottom end of the cost-spectrum, it goes without saying that this is not the most refined-looking portable chargers, let alone the slimmest. There's also a clear gap in the seam running around the entire edge. From an aesthetic standpoint, that may bother some users but this charger feels like it was designed to be far more utilitarian than some of the prettier options that are available. That's not necessarily a bad thing since it still feels exceptionally well-built and sturdy. The company does explicitly warn against exposure to liquids and dropping the portable charger as there isn't any ruggedization available. With that said, it does feel like it can take quite a beating before any serious damage to the charger will occur. The soft-touch plastics used in the casing also add a smooth in-hand feel, while the matte black color prevents oil and other substances from building up and becoming too much of a problem – aside from what might get caught in the aforementioned gap. With the charging prongs fold away, there are no sharp or jagged edges to speak of. So this power bank does, at very least, have a premium feel even if it doesn't look like the most high-dollar item on the shelf.

With the wall plug folded away, the Savior Series 10,000mAh AC Portable Powerbank measures in at just 138 x 66 x 28mm. That means it is somewhat smaller from edge to edge than most modern smartphones but substantially thicker. Meanwhile, the weight comes in at just 290 grams. That's comparable to but just slightly heavier than many of the more bulky smartphones on the market. Even accounting for the few extra millimeters and grams added by its carrying pouch, that means it should be relatively easy to carry around in a coat pocket, handbag, suitcase, or a backpack. It could also fit in the pockets on some pants but that's bound to be uncomfortable, whether it fits or not.


Four blue-colored LED lights are included on RAVPower's Savior Series to provide information about the level of charge that remains. When all four are lit, the 10,000mAh battery pack has between 76-percent and 100-percent remaining. Three lights indicate that the percentage is between 51 and 75, while two means that it has dropped from that range to a maximum of 26-percent. A single LED is light when the percentage drops to anywhere between five and 25-percent. Falling below that point causes that last indicator to flash.

Once this power bank does run out of juice, charging is made much easier by the fact that a wall plug is part of the package. Users simply fold down the prongs and plug the Savior Series in. It takes between seven and eight hours to charge that way from completely dead according to the included user manual – we saw a charge time of around six hours and 30 minutes from just under five-percent remaining. If there aren't any wall sockets available, users can also charge via the included micro USB port. The company recommends using a wall adapter rated at 5V/2A or less but charging at the maximum rate will provide a complete recharge in as little as six hours. Of course, the use of a cable means that this power bank can be charged through an in-vehicle USB port or DC connector adapter. RAVPower also recommends that a solar charger could be used as well to provide power. Of course, charging will be slower across the board if the power bank is charging up while also utilizing passthrough to charge one or two other devices. The company also recommends that the battery needs to be recharged at least once every six months in order to maintain the integrity of the power cells contained inside.


Taking all of that together, this portable power bank is arguably among the most high-value offerings of its type on the market. It won't charge at Quick Charge speeds and it isn't the most beautiful in terms of pure aesthetic value. However, it is very solidly built – as is to be expected of a RAVPower product – and is packed to the brim in terms of options for powering up the charger itself. The ability to charge via passthrough, the number of times a given device can be recharged, included cables and carrying pouch, and easy portability means consumers are getting much more than just portable power. With the RAVPower Savior Series 10,000mAh AC Portable Powerbank putting function over form, nobody should need to be concerned that they're going to run out of power while they're out and about.

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