Orbital 1 Android Game Adds New Twists To PvP Strategy Genre


The team behind Trivia Crack – Etermax – has a brand new strategy battle title that pits players against players from around the world for strategy-driven orbital combat. There's not much of a story in the game, called Orbital 1, except to explain where the events users take part in originated. Rather than directly controlling combatants, users will need to manage their slowly building resources to choose which player cards they plan to send out in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction around a circular arena to take out the opposing captain. There are a ton of cards to choose from and they slip in and out of a larger deck created and held by the player's own captain, at random. They each have different abilities and their own strengths and weaknesses, such as their hit strength, play cost, and movement speed. So players will need to be thinking about which cards they are playing and when if they want to win. Meanwhile, each and every card can also be leveled up and have its stats boosted.

Captains can also be customized and swapped out to gain the advantage and there are a huge number of fully 3D interplanetary locales to battle in but what makes Orbital one so much fun is its social nature. All of the three-minute combat sessions, with the exception of the short training session, take places in real-time against other players from around the world. Users can risk or gain trophies against anybody else playing the mobile game or they can choose to either join a club or start their own for a more casual team-building experience. In either case, they'll gain rewards to power up their team even more. In future updates, the devs also plan to add more content to the game, including live events.

In the meantime, the app is completely free to download and in-app purchases are limited to gems, which can be exchanged to unlock and level up cards more quickly, or simply get more in-game currency. Since Orbital 1 is a player-versus-player game, that could make a significant difference. Having said that, the game is a lot of intensely-paced fun regardless and joining a club allows for battling without the high stakes of the main battles. Anybody interested in checking it out for themselves can hit the Google Play Store banner below.


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