NVIDIA Announces Ninth Annual GPU Technology Conference

NVIDIA Logo 2016 AH 39

NVIDIA has now announced that its ninth annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC) will be taking place from March 26 through March 29. This year, more than 8,000 developers and industry experts will be in attendance to move the discussion about autonomous vehicles, robotics, healthcare, and high-performance computing. In fact, the conference is set to occupy the entire 373,999 square-foot San Jose McEnery Convention Center since attendance is up by almost 10-times from the first GTC, which took place back in 2009.

With regard to the event itself, there will be over 600 sessions taking place over the course of four days, with over 150 exhibitors debuting or showing off their latest innovations in their respective fields. Aside from the topics mentioned above, those sessions will center around smart cities, data center and cloud computing, defense, life sciences, computer and machine vision, and VR. More than 2,700 major technology companies will be in attendance and the event is sponsored by some of the biggest names among those – including Google, Lenovo, Cisco, Dell, Supermicro, IBM, and Facebook. Over 200 startups will be showing off their ideas and concepts, as well, and the conference will include several dozen hands-on experiences in A.I., self-driving cars, and CUDA programming. The company will even be hosting educational sessions on the latest AI frameworks and software development kits for data scientists – that’s more than 100 hours of training provided by NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute’s certified instructors. Attendees will be able to vote from among those for NVIDIA’s Inception Awards Finale and there will be two Global Impact Award winners which will receive $200,000 for working with GPU computing to address social and humanitarian problems.

In other words, this is going to be the biggest of NVIDIA’s events to date. That shouldn’t come as too much of a shock since GPU’s are particularly good for A.I. processing. Moreover, the prominent GPU manufacturer has been pouring a substantial amount of effort into related research and development across the board over past couple of years. Anybody interested in attending the event is going to want to head over to the registration page for more information about scheduling and sign up, which can be done by first clicking the button below.

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