Now There's A Shower Curtain For Smartphone Addicts

Screenholder Shower Curtain 00

In what has to be a true indicator of how addicted everybody has become to their smartphones and other electronics – a condition called nomophobia – Screenholder now has a shower curtain that lets people use their devices in the shower. Granted, some smartphones are water resistant enough that they could probably be used in the shower anyway. With that said, the Screenholder Shower Curtain takes things just a bit further by design. It is effectively a transparent shower curtain liner with pockets for holding tablets, smartphones, or hybrid laptops so that users don’t ever need to be apart from their electronics. The pockets go on the outside of the curtain and range in size from small enough to comfortably hold a smartphone in place to large enough for a small convertible laptop or tablet. The placement leaves very little chance a device will come anywhere near getting wet. Meanwhile, the 8G thick, EVA material used by the company allows touch interactions to continue.

At just $26.95, it is actually kind of a remarkable product. The 17 available pockets are in both horizontal and vertical orientations. That means there’s plenty of space for users of any age or size to use all of their devices at once, perhaps running a chat app their phone and a video on their tablet at the same time. That, of course, leaves plenty of room to spare to maybe complete a homework assignment or work document on another device, in the meantime – for those feeling particularly productive. The company also touts it as a device that can be used to keep an eye on the baby monitor, make phone calls, or listen to music. It goes without saying, although the company points it out anyway, that this would also make it possible to take part in more adventurous activities. Specifically, those include making Skype calls or using a given device’s camera and, thanks to voice controls, those can be made hands-free – leaving users free to use their hands for other things, like shampooing their hair.

With that said, products such as this one may be symptomatic of a potentially serious issue that appears to be facing upcoming generations of smartphone users. In fact, it’s entirely possible other family members might try to stage an intervention the moment this shower curtain is hung on the rod. They might actually have good reason since smartphone separation anxiety is a very real problem. It may make a great gag gift or could even be genuinely useful for some, but it’s easy to see how this could exacerbate things on that front.

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