New Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018) Models Certified By WFA

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Samsung appears to be preparing the upcoming Galaxy J3 (2018) for a number of major carriers in the US. A number of recent leaks have pointed toward an expanded Galaxy J lineup this year, but despite this, The Seoul-based company is yet to officially confirm the existence of the series. New Wi-Fi certifications now suggest Samsung could be planning a number of different variants of the budget-friendly Galaxy J3 (2018).

Starting off with T-Mobile, last year’s Galaxy J3 (2017) went by the model number SM-J327T, so it seems unsurprising that the device’s rumored successor has been registered as the SM-J337T. Also, as with previous Galaxy J3 devices, the T-Mobile variant is expected to stick with the Galaxy J3 Prime name, more specifically the Prime 2. In addition to T-Mobile, rival AT&T is also expected to offer the device, which goes by the model number SM-J337A and should be branded as the Galaxy Express Prime 3. Furthermore, joining these two carriers will be Cricket, which itself is expected to offer two variants of the device in a similar fashion to previous years. Kicking off the lineup will be the budget Galaxy Sol 3, while a slightly upgraded alternative is also rumored to go on sale, this time under the Galaxy Amp Prime 3 name. Those two devices are registered under the model numbers SM-J336AZ and SM-J337AZ, respectively. Lastly, there has yet to be any leaks surrounding a Sprint version of the handset, but if Samsung does choose to release one, it will likely go on sale as the Galaxy J3 Emerge 2.

In terms of specifications, not many details have been leaked as of yet, although recent benchmarks point toward Android 8.0 Oreo running out of the box. Furthermore, 2GB of RAM is said to be included alongside Samsung’s own Exynos 7570 processor clocked at 1.43GHz. As part of Samsung’s expanded lineup, the company is also reportedly working on a Galaxy J3 Pro (2018) variant that will be sold alongside the regular model. Overall, most specifications are expected to remain largely the same, with the exception of the processor, which will reportedly be upgraded to the Exynos 7885 clocked at 1.59GHz.