Netflix Android App Getting Vertical Trailers This Spring

Netflix App AH 1

The Netflix Android app is getting a notable update next month, adding vertical previews for movies and TV shows. Following the update, Netflix users will be able to see 30-second video previews displayed vertically on their mobile devices, thus having more versatility when deciding on how to watch trailers. The Netflix TV app has already been offering such a feature for several years now, and the company is now extending the functionality to the mobile app as well. In addition to these vertical previews, Netflix is also adding a trailer timeline reminiscent of Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

Mobile Netflix users will be able to see the timeline on the home screen, and the previews will appear as circular thumbnails. Tapping any thumbnail will start playing a corresponding trailer, as expected. Users can then swipe from the preview screen to watch additional previews. Netflix will reportedly release roughly 75 previews when the new feature rolls out to the mobile app. Users will be able to preview both Netflix originals and licensed movies and TV shows. Since the videos are typically widescreen, adding trailers to the mobile app requires a bit more work to crop the movies and TV shows to fit well into the vertical video format and account for a different aspect ratio.

Netflix VP Todd Yellin recently said the company has invested a lot in mobile and is adamant to continue doing so going forward. Roughly 20-percent of all Netflix streaming is on mobile, and Netflix wants to further improve the portable experience of its service. Last year, it allowed subscribers to download Netflix content for offline viewing, which was among its most highly requested features. It also added codec optimizations and other improvements, and the upcoming update should further fine-tune the overall experience. Yellin also added that Netflix is always testing new features, but not all of them make the cut. The vertical previews for the mobile apps passed the testing phase and are ready to be launched next month.