Lowe's 'View In Your Space' Feature Powered By ARCore

The Lowe's app 'View In Your Space' feature is powered by ARCore, Google's Augmented Reality tool that is baked into the Pixel and Pixel 2 series of devices and driving loads of fun features like the Google Camera's AR Stickers. With this new feature enabled in the app, consumers who shop at Lowe's and are on the hunt for anything from new appliances, to new lamps, to a new grill for the backyard, can tap a button to see what the new item would look like if it were placed in their home.

Since the feature is built on augmented reality tech, users can place the virtual item in the area where they plan to put it, and see what it looks like if it were actually there. This should help immensely for anyone who is unsure of whether something would fit in the space they wish to put it or if it will "fit in" style-wise with the rest of their home decor. This feature should show up for anyone that has a device with ARCore, but it wasn't showing up on the original Pixel with the ARCore app installed, so it may be something that has to be turned on server side from the Lowe's app dev team, or it may just not be live for all users yet.

If it is live, it's also possible that the button isn't showing up for some users because of the item that's being looked at, as Lowe's mentions that the option to view things in your space will only be available for certain products, such as the Weber grill shown in the demo video of the feature below. Once you're able to use it the View In your Space feature scans the surrounding area and then populates the item you're looking at. Items are life-size so you also get an accurate account of the fit. If you like the way things look, you can add the item to your cart with the FAB button in the bottom corner making things super easy to buy.

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