LG Rumored To Launch OLED & LCD G7 Models

LG G5 AH NS logo 2

LG has been rumored to launch OLED and LCD models of the G7, its upcoming flagship smartphone set to launch a little bit later this year, according to a new report from ETNews. It’s not clear if both display types would be used for the LG G7 or if one would be used for the LG G7 and the other for the LG G7 Plus, but details would seem to suggest that LG may simply plan to release two versions of the G7, one for each screen type, while focusing on higher volume production of the LCD model due to limited OLED panel production.

Expected to launch in May, the G7 might be announced at that time or before in both variations, and while it is possible for LG to launch both models at the same time, should both actually exist and should LG actually be developing two different versions, the report does not state that LG plans to launch both phones simultaneously, so it’s just as possible that LG could produce one model for the market before the other and make consumers wait for the follow up. Which one would come out first is also unclear as no confirmation has been made yet about LG using two panels for its upcoming phone.

Though it is thought that LG will be announcing the G7 and G7 Plus in May instead of April as was rumored back in the middle of the March, there’s no rumored exact date yet so it could be any time within May. Phones don’t typically come in multiple models with a different type of screen altogether, but they do come in varying sizes and in different resolutions, so letting consumers switch out one panel for another shouldn’t seem like too far of a stretch, as it’s simply one more choice that the buyer would be able to make and it could turn out to be one that pays off for LG.