LG Reveals Pricing For Some Of Its 2018-Series OLED TVs

LG 2018 TV OLED C8 AI 2010x1334

The official pricing has been revealed for LG's latest run of OLED, A.I.-enabled televisions – namely, the C8, W8, and E8 series – and they are actually substantially cheaper than the company's previous models. For those who may not recall, there are three TVs in LG's C8 family, two in the W8 family, and two in the E8 series. Those include sizes between 55-inches and 77-inches, each with a range of great features. Unfortunately, the pricing is still almost certainly going to be beyond what most would consider paying for a TV. For example, the 55-inch C8 series television starts out at right around $3,000. That's nothing compared to the larger sets' pricing, at 65-inches for $4,000 and 77-inches for $10,000. Meanwhile, the larger of LG's W8 series sets starts at a whopping $15,000 while the smaller of those two has not had its priced revealed yet. In between those is the E8 series. The 55-inch E8 set starts at $3,500 and the 65-inch set costs $4,500. However, those are substantially lower than the price point of last year's comparable sets and, as mentioned, include several enhancements over those previous LG smart TVs.

More to the point, with the pricing already starting out lower than prior years, these should become much more affordable once price-drops start rolling in and especially during holiday-related sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Saturday. Better yet, there is at least one series of TVs planned for release still that have also been announced previously but which haven't yet been priced. Those will lack the Alpha 9 series processor, opting for the Alpha 7 instead but should be quite a bit more reasonably priced as a result. While the everyday buyer may not be able to afford OLED televisions just yet, they may be able to once those TVs – specifically, those in the B8 series – hit shelves, if these prices are anything to go on.

With all of that said, it's worth pointing out that the C8 series of televisions go far beyond just being a standard smart TV with advanced OLED technology backing up UHD 4K resolution and claimed cinema-quality HDR. These are the same TV's LG Electronics introduced at CES 2018 and unveiled on March 5 at an event in the company's home country. That means they feature LG AI TV with ThinQ and integrated Google Assistant, LG's Alpha 9 A.I. SoC, and Dolby Atmos support. For those who may be interested in checking any of these new TVs out for themselves, they are currently up at LG's official website and accessible via the buttons below.


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