LG Asks For Public Feedback On Whether 'The Notch' Is Good


LG has turned to the public for feedback on the now-infamous notch. As a new forum post on the topic has been raised on Reddit by a newly-created LG Support account specifically asking the public what they think of notches in general. Quoting LG's clever word play, "Love the Notch? Or is it Notch your thing?"

The post went live a short time ago and has already garnered well in excess of two hundred comments (and rising quickly) so it is clear that this topic is one where the public is happy to share their opinion on. As is probably to be expected with what has clearly become a divisive topic, there are those making the point of how they are fundamentally against the use of a notch, while others state they are less concerned with whether a notch is used or not. What is possibly of note, is there seems to be very few, if any, saying outright they like the notch. Also, interestingly, LG seems to be replying to more comments that suggest they do not mind the notch, or that it would not be so bad if the notch could be hidden. This could raise the possibilities that LG's upcoming flagship will firstly boast a notch, and secondly, LG plans to offer an option to hide or blend the notch in some way.

Which is exactly what the rumor mill on the LG G7 seems to be suggesting. As while video footage has surfaced showing what is said to be the LG G7 with a notch, a recent report did also come through highlighting the notch can be masked with the use of software. While this level of interaction from LG's support team does not confirm this will be the case, it would seem to add weight to the idea that LG is leaning more towards the possibility of an optionally-visible notch. Either way, what is clear is how the use of a notch has quickly become a trending design feature for manufacturers in 2018. A number of smartphones have already been announced with a notch, and it is expected more high-profile options will also include one going forward. For example, OnePlus has confirmed its upcoming OnePlus 6 smartphone will boast a notch.

LG Notch Feedback

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