Lenovo Exec Outs New Details About Lenovo's Upcoming S5


Lenovo Group VP Chang Cheng has returned to the Chinese social network Weibo with new details about the Lenovo S5, including a new render of the front panel. This is actually the third time Cheng has taken to Weibo to unveil more information, including a post just about a week ago. However, there still isn't much information available about the device itself. Even the render used in this promotional post doesn't show too much detail about what the device will look like. In any case, this latest post reveals that the device will ship with a "full screen" in a uniform, all-metal frame. Although this isn't guaranteed, full screen is generally used in Asian markets to describe an almost bezel-free design with a screen ratio of 18:9. So, that's likely the case here. Meanwhile, the newly revealed device features also include a dual-camera setup, face unlock features, and built-in secure payment. The new promotional teaser also touts the same launch date set in earlier posts from the exec, March 20.

Previous "leaks" from Cheng provide a bit more insight still. The Lenovo S5 is said to ship with a massive 6,000mAh-rated battery inside. Optimized correctly, that should be more than enough to last several days on end or provide at least 10 hours of on-screen time. It will also arrive with some form of artificial intelligence built into the system, but it isn't immediately clear whether or not the includes an Assistant-like functionality or something closer to HTC's Sense Companion. It may even encompass something closer to what Huawei has on offer with its Kirin 970 SoC – where the A.I. manages the chipset and device optimization to provide a smoother, better-performing experience over time. It will also ship in a red-colored variation, though that won't necessarily be the only color available. If Cheng's previously offered clues about performance are any indication, the package will be powered by a Snapdragon 625 SoC or better, backed by around 4GB of RAM.

With only around a week to go before this handset is set to launch, there's not a high likeliness that these specs will turn out to be incorrect – with the exception of the Lenovo S5 SoC and RAM. However, this should probably still be taken with a grain of salt and there is still plenty of information left to be revealed. Aside from that, it remains to be seen what this Lenovo smartphone will actually look like. Thankfully, there's not much time left to wait.


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