Klingon Finally Lands On Language Learning Service Duolingo


The language learning experts behind the popular Duolingo service have now added Klingon, of Star Trek fame, to the list of languages that are available to learn. However, for the time being, the language will only be available on the web version of the application due to technical difficulties that needed to be overcome in order to add the language. For example, Klingon features apostrophes in the middle of words and meaning can change based not only on context but on capitalization of words. The team behind the mobile applications are working to get the language available for Android users as soon as possible but it's going to take some time. In the meantime, fans of the Star Trek universe – or those who just want to impress a friend or family member who is a fan – can head over to the website via the button below to get started. Lessons will carry over to the app once Klingon is added.

As with all of Duolingo's courses, it's completely free to learn Klingon and lessons become more personalized as the system figures out how to best teach users. Although this one will almost certainly be more difficult for some to learn due to its complexity, the company says it can be learned with as little activity as 5 minutes per day. The course is broken down into short, gamified sessions that teach basic words, syntax, and other important factors associated with the language. After the basics are learned, the lessons begin to get more complex until the user becomes something of an expert in the language. It will even test for proper pronunciation of the words learned so that nobody needs to feel embarrassed by the way they speak the language aloud – which may come in handy when using Klingon among well-versed fans.

While Klingon is almost certainly not going to be an exceptionally useful language to learn, it will almost certainly be very popular. The language was introduced in Gene Roddenberry's TV series back in the 60's and has held onto audiences in its many iterations continuing through today. The race of aliens called Klingons appeared in the series as early as 1967, with their distinct dialect in tow as created by Marc Okrand. The language later evolved into something of a fan favorite after it was revamped in the late 70's and has had a loyal following ever since, frequently being heard at various conventions and other gatherings.

Learn Klingon With Duolingo

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