JerryRigEverything Modifies Galaxy S9 For Transparent Look

Zack Nelson, of the popular DIY and device-testing YouTube Channel JerryRigEverything, has taken the liberty of uploading a new video showing off how a Samsung Galaxy S9 can be made completely transparent. Of course, as is often the case with these kinds of endeavors, it's worth pointing out that this is not something the average user should attempt to accomplish. It requires a steady hand, knowledge of the device's internals, and the appropriate tools to get the job done right. Moreover, undertaking the process will significantly weaken the integrity of the handset in drops and water resistance, as well as nullifying all associated warranties. That's probably not something that many consumers are going to want to do to their brand new - very expensive - Samsung Galaxy S9.

The video starts out by heating the test device up to a temperature that makes handling the device difficult before taking on the task of using wedges and other tools to separate the glass back of the Galaxy S9 from its frame. The process is made more tedious by the fact that various fragile ribbon-cables sit just underneath. Then the camera and fingerprint sensor need to be removed, carefully, from the panel. Next, the black plastic layers between the back panel and the motherboard need to be removed so that the motherboard and other technical components are visible. Obviously, that requires an understanding of where, exactly, the other ribbon cables are that are actually embedded in that protective covering. A slip of the scissors will result in a device that doesn't charge at all since a temperature sensor underneath the panel and embedded with the wireless charging device actually prevents charging when it's unplugged or damaged. Finally, the laminate layer is scratched and peeled away, which provides both color and cohesiveness to the glass panel. Without that laminate, the glass is prone to shatter instead of cracking, if dropped.

This upload follows a previous video from the same ambitious creator, in which the overall durability of the Samsung Galaxy S9 was tested. In fact, this is actually the same device used in that video. It bears repeating that, as Nelson points out, those durability tests would not have gone nearly as well if this process had been undergone prior to testing. In fact, the device may have been damaged beyond repair. So nobody who wants their warranty to remain intact or to risk ruining their device is going to want to try this particular modification at home.

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