Exclusive: This Is The Huawei Y7 – 2018 Android Smartphone

Huawei Y7 2018 AH Leak 01

This is the Huawei Y7 – 2018 Android smartphone. The render shown above was provided to us from a source who confirmed this will be one of Huawei’s upcoming smartphones for this year. This follows on from the unveiling of the Huawei Y9 which took place within the last couple of days. As a result, and in spite of some suggestions the Huawei Y9 might arrive as a replacement for the Huawei Y7 2018, AndroidHeadlines can confirm this is not going to be the case – the Huawei Y7  2018 will launch as a direct follow up to last year’s model.

Of two new Y-branded smartphones the Huawei Y7 is the least premium and will once again follow on from last year’s model as a phone aimed more towards the low-to-mid-range sector. That, however, does not mean there won’t be any notable improvements. For example, while last year’s Huawei Y7 2017 featured a 5.5-inch display it is highly likely the display on this year’s model will be larger, while still managing to maintain a very similar size overall. As the render above clearly highlights more of an all-screen look due to the inclusion of an edge-to-edge design along with what will be an 18:9 aspect ratio – no notch included. For reference, the new Huawei Y9 features a 5.93-inch display along with an 18:9 aspect ratio and FHD+ resolution. So there is a good likelihood the Huawei Y7 display will largely be the same. Moving to the back of the phone and the camera module has now moved from a central position to the left-hand side of the back panel. It is worth noting this is a single rear camera and this is of importance as the Y9 comes touting a dual rear camera setup. Therefore, the single vs. dual setup is likely to be one of the defining design differences between the two models. The camera itself will be a 13-megapixel camera. The rear panel will also house the fingerprint sensor in what seemingly is an unchanged location compared to the previous Y7. As per the render, the bottom of the device will include a 3.5 mm headphone jack which is positioned differently to last year’s model – where the mini jack port was positioned on the top of the device. While not confirmed, it seems very likely USB Type-C will not be included here as the Huawei Y9 2018 is now confirmed as sporting the older USB technology and therefore it should be expected this lower-tiered model will also.

In fact, when it comes to the design in general, and with the exception of the dual rear camera module, not only does the 2018 Y7 adopt a very similar back plate to its predecessor, but the shell also looks almost identical to that of the Huawei Y9. Suggesting the rest of the main differences between the two 2018 models will be at the spec level. On that note, the 2017 Huawei Y7 came loaded with 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 SoC. It is expected that with the exception of a possible SoC upgrade, not too much will change in the core specs. Especially considering the new Y9 model is confirmed with 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, and a Kirin 659 SoC. In terms of battery life, the previous Y7 came loaded with a 4,000 mAh battery and so does the new Huawei Y9 2018 so it should be expected the same battery capacity will be included here as well.  While availability details are still light, considering the Y9 has just recently been introduced an official announcement for the Huawei Y7 should not be too far away. Irrespective of the date and based on the the render’s screen Sunday April 15, 2018, is likely to be a date worth noting.