HTC To Open Up Vive X Branch In London

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HTC is opening up a Vive X branch in London, which will be the sixth location for Vive X and will be joining the already open locations that reside in Tel Aviv, Beijing, San Francisco, Shenzhen, and Taipei. Out of these six locations there are a multitude of different companies participating as firms who are part of the investment, 26 of which are the most recent and were added to the program back on November 30 of 2017.

HTC hasn’t announced any partners for the London location yet, which makes sense given the announcement for its opening was just today. That said, HTC is getting ready to look over a new round of partner submission and is urging any company that’s interested to apply to be a part of the program for the next round and join the already large list of partners. HTC states that it will be looking for applicants for all six locations, and this includes London, so although there are no partners for this location yet this next round of applicants will end up resulting in the first wave of them. How many HTC will be accepting for London specifically is unclear.

To date HTC’s Vive X program has received $100 Million in funding with a total of 80 investments, and now with a new location and a new group of participants on the horizon and set to join the program, more investments are sure to be made in the near future following the influx of new interest from various companies. Though VR has had a bit of a time taking off as a mainstream product that a majority of the consumers want to dive into, the companies that are part of this program aren’t letting that stop them from creating experiences, software, or hardware that seem pretty compelling and have the potential to drive new interest in the market from people who might have otherwise continued to look the other way.

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