Google Wants To Bring AMP Tech To The Entire Web

Google wants to bring AMP technology (accelerated mobile pages) to the entire web and make it possible for all web pages that don't currently use this system to load just as fast as AMP websites. Google announced the news today officially in a blog post, stating that it feels that it's time to take the next step with AMP and get more web pages to enable content that will load instantly, which would bring huge benefits to users who browse pages on the web from their mobile devices, as mobile web can be slower when connected to a cell tower compared to Wi-Fi, and this is where it would benefit users the most.

To be clear, Google isn't looking to take non-AMP web content and make it AMP content, it simply wants to take non-AMP web content and give it the capability to load up just as fast so users have access to more web pages instantaneously. To do this Google will have to work on standardizing the web to work in such a manner, and while that might take some time Google states that work is already underway on moving towards this goal.

With that said Google doesn't have a time frame for when this will all be put into place and it says that things will need to be user-tested first. Furthermore it will only launch things if users end up having good experiences throughout the testing periods, so it's entirely possible that things may not work out in this particular method but that also isn't likely to stop Google from trying to make the mobile web faster across the board. Google does note though that in addition to good user experiences the rollout of its faster web plan also depends on other factors, like the progress of the standardization and browser implementations. While AMP is mostly associated with the mobile web in regards to stories that people can access from various publishers, Google also recently announced that it would be bringing AMP technology to Gmail in the future to help make email usage quicker and more seamless as well.

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