Google Rumored To Spend Near $40 Million To Acquire Lytro

Google has been rumored to spend near $40 Million to acquire Lytro, an imaging startup who was first recognized for releasing the Lytro ILLUM, a camera based on light-field technology. Nothing has been confirmed at this point in time but according to the report, which cites "sources familiar with the matter," some of the employees are moving to Google along with Lytro and some have already separated from the company.

The report also states that the sale may have been proposed to multiple companies including both Facebook and Apple before reaching Google who is now being said to have agreed on a price point along with certain terms. Without a confirmation there is a lack of details about the terms of the deal, naturally, though it's being said that $40 Million is only one possible price point for the buyout, another being around $25 Million.

Since Google hasn't officially announced any such plans to acquire Lytro there's no telling for certain what it would have in mind for the company going forward. According to the unnamed sources, Google may have decided to buy Lytro mostly for its assets, which would suggest that it may have plans for some its technology in the use of future products and services. This could make sense to some degree as Lytro has been spending the better part of the last two years on working with VR technology, having announced back in April of 2016 that it was shifting its focus from manufacturing cameras to developing a solution for cinematic VR based on light-field tech. It's this particular category of work and development that Google could have a reason to buy Lytro for, though whether that's actually the case and whether it will put that tech to use in the near future is unclear. This rumor also comes at an interesting moment, as Google recently explained how it had been working with light-fields to improve the VR experience and make it more life-like, which showcases that it has an interest in the kind of technology that Lytro would have to offer.

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