Google Outs New Doodle For International Women's Day


Tech giant Google is celebrating International Women's Day with a new interactive doodle that shows off 12 different comics from female authors. Googlers Lydia Nichols & Alyssa Winans were in charge of putting this Doodle together, and personally reached out to all 12 of the featured artists. The point is for each artist to make a comic that tells the story of something or somebody that had a major impact on their life as a woman, while also having a universal theme that just about anybody can relate to and understand, in order to bring a woman's perspective to common issues that most everybody deals with, either directly or indirectly, such as dating, depression, trust, and body issues.

Along with the Doodle, Google produced the attached video, showcasing some common Google search terms and where they're commonly queried from. All of these terms, including things like "how to raise a feminist son" and "when will gender equality happen" all indicate that a change is taking place on a worldwide scale. People are becoming increasingly interested in gender equality, and in issues that uniquely affect women. The #metoo movement is touched on, as is the #timesup movement. The world seems to slowly be moving toward gender equality, though some regions are doing better than others, so Google made a video to celebrate the progress and praise women worldwide.

Appreciating women and fighting for gender equality is an ethical pursuit, to be certain, and one that earns Google some public relations points with its audience. It's a very fitting move for the company; Google prides itself on diversity, including in gender, and has a woman in one of its top positions with Ruth Porat being the chief financial officer of Alphabet, in charge of holding departments and projects accountable to ensure that the company continues making enough money to continue operations as normal. The company had another powerful woman in tech at one point in the form of former DARPA head Regina Dugan. The company lost her to Facebook, and she left that company for lands unknown in the middle of heading up development on a thought-to-text machine, among other secretive projects.


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