Google App To Get Custom Routines For Google Assistant

The Google app is set to get custom routines for Google Assistant and although there's no telling when Google will actually add this in, a breakdown of the APK recently revealed some strings of code that display the feature is coming at some point in the near future, it'll just be a matter of when. The big thing here is that Google seems to be aiming for giving users the capability to add custom routines, meaning they can set up their own routines for voice-activated commands. At the moment there are only a handful of pre-configured routines that users have access to, six to be exact, so the option to set up custom routines is bound to be of use and open up the capabilities a little bit more.

In addition to custom routines for Google Assistant the Google app seems to be getting a merged search field and tool bar. While this won't really change the overall functionality of this particular feature it may end up making the usability somewhat easier. With the merged search field and tool bar, what users will end up seeing is a series of dropdown menu options just below the actual search box. The first dropdown menu will include options like video, news, images and more, and will let you move between those different categories for the search term you plugged in. The other tools will be for things like duration, time, and quality for a way to further filter down your results so you're perhaps getting a more precise and pinpointed list.

Some other smaller, but still worthy of mentioning changes that the Google app should have soon are effects for the search box. Users can think of these like animated effects, perhaps for things like Google Doodles, though it could be referring to something entirely different or other things in addition to the doodles. Alongside all of the changes mentioned above, pinned matches for sports scores, the ability to issue abuse reports, and more information about the Pixelbud gestures should be added soon as well.

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