GearBest Deal: Xiaomi Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum For $499.99


The Roborock S50 is was not manufactured by Xiaomi, but this vacuum is a spiritual successor to the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, and it is currently discounted by GearBest. The Roborock S50 robot vacuum can now be purchased for $499.99 if you utilize the coupon code, otherwise, it will cost you well over $500. The Roborock S50 is essentially an upgraded version of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum which was announced a while back, and the device even resembles Xiaomi's first-gen product.

This variant of the Roborock S50, the one that is currently on sale, is white-colored with Rose Gold accents on top of it. The Roborock S50 comes with a 5,200mAh battery, and it comes with a 'double cleaning' mode, it can first sweep and then mop your floor. This vacuum can find its own way to the battery charger when its battery is low, all you have to do is make its battery charger accessible. The Roborock S50 is equipped with a Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) which allows it to scan its surroundings, so it can map cleaning routes better. The Roborock S50 connects to a dedicated app on your smartphone, which basically gives you full control over this vacuum. The Roborock S50 also offers 2000Pa Super-Suction, which allows it to absorb all kinds of debris, including steel beads, dust, soybeans, and so on.

The Roborock S50 can also climb obstacles up to 2cm, while it has a 2mm rubber bumper which helps it to not damage itself when / if it runs into things. The Roborock S50 is also equipped with 4 anti-drop stair sensors, and it has a 10mm laser edge sensor as well. We have actually reviewed the Roborock S50 a while back, so you can check out that review if you'd like to know more about it. If you're interested in buying this robot vacuum, you will find a purchase link down below, along with a coupon code for the aforementioned discount.

Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum
Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum - $499.99