Facebook Tests New Tools To Help Creators Earn More Money

Facebook Logo 2018 3 AH

Facebook is testing a range of new tools and features meant to help creators on the social media platform expand their community of fans and generate income from creating content. The experimental creator features include a variety of options to monetize the work they share with fans such as a way for fans to support the creators they follow by voluntarily paying a monthly fee, just like how Patreon works. In return, paying fans will receive exclusive content and a badge that highlights their level of support. Fidji Simo, Vice President of Product, and Sibyl Goldman, Director of Entertainment Partnerships, jointly stated in a blog post that this option will be initially tested with a limited number of creators as part of an effort to assess the feature before Facebook decides to roll it out to a wider audience. It should be noted as well that this particular test feature will require the addition of an “in-app purchase” label to Facebook’s app listing in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Another feature for creators that Facebook will be testing over the coming months is a tool designed to make it easy for creators to get sponsorships from popular brands for their content by setting up a portfolio that highlights their area of specialization. This will make it quick for advertisers to look for creators to help them boost the campaign for branded content. As part of Facebook’s aim to help creators foster a connection with their fans, the social networking site will be experimenting with a feature that will display a badge next to the names of a creator’s top audiences and include their names in a leaderboard of fans with the highest level of engagement based on the number of their comments, shares, reactions or times they watch a creator’s video. Keep in mind that this feature is an opt-in, meaning fans will have the choice to switch it off anytime.

Finally, Facebook will also be gauging a new tool for content rights management to help creators handle their content and presence on the platform using automated systems. The company has been investing in tools meant to help creators become successful on Facebook. Last year, the Facebook Creator app was introduced to the iOS platform and it is scheduled to hit Android in early 2018.