Deal: Canary All-in-One Indoor Security Camera for $131 – 3/16/18


Amazon has discounted the Canary All-In-One Indoor Security Camera down to $131.56. That's down from its original price of $169, a price that it hasn't really budged from since it debuted a little over a year ago. Making this a great time to pick up this camera.

Canary's camera here is much larger than the other security cameras on the market, but it is able to do much more. It is able to stream in 1080p resolution, and has a 147-degree lens, so you're able to get most of the room in the picture. There is also a built-in alarm available, so that when someone walks into your home, you can set off the alarm and get them out as soon as possible. Those with a pet will love this camera, as you're able to keep an eye on those pets while you are away from home, and make sure they are safe and sound. Now, like most security cameras for your home, it does have an app for your smartphone (both iOS and Android). And you are able to view a live feed of what's happening at home, as well as do updates for your Canary security camera straight from your smartphone. Updates don't happen to often, but it's nice that it can be done from your phone and not needed to be done over your home's WiFi network.

This item is also eligible for Amazon Prime's free shipping. Which includes free two-day shipping, and pretty cheap (usually $3.99) next-day shipping if you need it extra fast. If you are not an Amazon Prime member yet, you can sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime. You'll get 30 days free (if you're a student, you get 6 months), and then it's $99/year (or $49/year for students). Prime members do get a whole lot more than just free shipping though, so be sure to check out the full benefits.


Canary All-in-One Indoor Security Camera
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