Chrome 65 Desktop Browser Update Brings Bug & Security Fixes


Windows, Mac, and Linux users will notice a new Google browser update is available: a stable upgrade to Chrome 65. The version was announced today on Google's blog and presents a host of improvements, fixes, and enhancements. According to the blog post, the update includes forty-five security fixes that developers helped Google isolate and respond to via the developer channel versions of Chrome. With the help of private developers and a plethora of software programs, Google announced it aims to provide users with the most secure platform for web navigation and socializing. One of its incentives involves paying users for discovering and reporting known bugs and security compromises to Google personnel.

As the sixty-fifth version of Google Chrome suggests, the Mountain View tech giant's browser has seen many updates and revisions. Many internet browsers allow a user to surf the web and afford a secure means of accessing the web, but Chrome provides a continually user-friendly experience. The Chrome browser file size is not a small one, but it is generally regarded as the most popular tool for internet exploration. Some of the changes Chrome has adopted over the years include tabs for multiple pages in a single explorer, auto-filling of personal information, and synchronized data across multiple devices for picking up where one left off. Chromebook computers recently received the Chrome 63 browser version, while the Android mobile version has been updated to Chrome 64.

Google isn't stopping with version 65, however. According to a recent announcement, the Californian tech company intends to reimagine how the internet works, and what the capabilities of a mobile or desktop browser include. One such idea is the adaptation of integrated augmented reality (AR) in its browser. The plan could enable users to play games or see visual effects right from the browser without the necessity of downloading side applications or additional software. Google also intends to make high definition videos more widely available across its Chrome browser. Other tests recently include a material design overhaul where boxes separate data and images into neat compartments for easy viewing. The new Chrome 65 update doesn't reimagine the Google browser, but it brings some new options to the table.


UPDATE: Chrome for Android has also been updated to version 65, and it brings a new languages menu with it, which is also the biggest change in this update.

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