Candidate Discovery Beta Hits The Hire By Google Platform


Search giant Google recently made an attempt to leverage its searching and AI prowess for recruiters and job hunters in the form of the Hire By Google platform, and now the fledgling job board is getting a candidate discovery feature to make recruiters' lives easier when new jobs open up. This functionality comes in the form of a new candidate search function that draws on Google's expertise in a fairly direct way. The new feature allows recruiters to search for candidates much like they would search the internet, and helps to prioritize and re-engage past candidates who may have already been deemed a good fit for the job at hand.

When running a search for a candidate, hiring managers will find that Hire by Google will automatically pull the qualifications needed for a given job title. Searching Sales Manager in the Bay Area, for example, would automatically look for candidates with sales backgrounds, leadership qualities, and past experience in similar positions, all within the cities considered the "Bay Area." As for going back to old candidates, the service will prioritize candidates who have been interacted with before for the same or similar positions. Special priority is given to candidates who were extended a job offer, whether they joined up and then saw their position done away with, resigned in the past and are now on the market again, or declined an offer before. Recruiters can also search only within past candidates, filtering for what types of interactions they may have had with them.

The new feature is available in beta to all Hire by Google customers as of this writing. Since it is in beta, feedback on the feature is still being collected, and it's quite reasonable to expect some bugs at this stage. Testers who participated in early trials said that the system is intuitive and easy to use, and has taken a lot of work out of the candidate searching process. For the time being, Google has not announced a time frame for the feature to leave beta testing. Given its scale and scope, that particular goal is not likely to be met soon.

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