Best of MWC 2018: Lenovo 500e, 300e & 100e Chromebooks


The best of Chrome OS in one Chromebook line: Affordable, durable, and portable.

Chromebooks are everywhere at the moment and so consumers are not short on choice. As part of the MWC 2018 proceedings, Lenovo was present at the event and showcased a number of its laptop-based solutions, including a new Chromebook. Technically Speaking, three new Chromebooks. These are the Lenovo 100e, the Lenovo 300e, and the Lenovo 500e Chromebooks, and although they were originally announced back in January, it is only at MWC 2018 where media outlets were able to go hands-on with the devices for the first time. This is when we got to see just how good they are and what they offer, resulting in one of our 'Best of MWC 2018' picks.


First off, choice is one of their big selling points as while manufacturers often bring to market different variants of the same Chromebook, they usually differ at the core spec level only. Resulting in essentially the same design. That is not quite the case here, as Lenovo has opted to bring to market three Chromebooks that while technically the same, are different from the ground up. Each one has its own selling points, features, and design traits befitting its price. In other words, regardless of what type of Chromebook you are looking for, there is a good choice one of these will check all the right boxes for you. Building off this point, all of the Chromebooks here offer superb value for money. Lenovo has literally hit the nail on the head when it comes to pricing and so whichever model a buyer does opt for, they will be getting an excellent purchase for the price. This can be best seen in the premium department as the Chromebook 500e not only offers a typically Chrome OS experience, as well as a design that allows it to be rotated and used in a variety of different positions, but it also comes with its own stylus for good measure. Making this an ideal option for those looking for a Chromebook that is also fully compatible with freehand writing and sketching – and all for under $350. The price is important to note here as this is the most premium of the three Chromebooks.

In spite of these Chromebooks coming with these advanced features and more modern design traits, one of the reasons they are priced so well is these devices have been put together with the education market in mind. Now, this does not mean that they are solely for the education market, as they are not. But what it does means is they come with the general build quality and level of protection designed to accommodate the education market. Therefore, non-education buyers will benefit from a more durable build including aspects like rubber bumpers, reinforced ports and hinges, while also being able to take advantage of premium features such as the rotating hinge and stylus support. Again, while all of these features are not present on all three Chromebooks (for example the Chromebook 100e boasts a more traditional laptop design), this is the real crux of this Chromebook collection – buyers can choose which Chromebook features they want or need and not have to pay for the ones they don't – while still benefiting from a robust and durable product at a highly competitive price.

Lenovo 100e Chromebook


Lenovo 300e Chromebook

Lenovo 500e Chromebook

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