AT&T's LG V30 Gets Android Oreo With ThinQ-Esque AI Features

LG V30 AH NS 10

AT&T is launching the Android 8.0 Oreo software update for the LG V30 flagship, including ThinQ AI features as well as a new security patch for the month of March along with mitigation patches for the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. According to Reddit users, AT&T’s LG V30 has a new boot up screen following the update, which includes the ThinQ branding, and while these details are missing from the changelog the firmware apparently introduces at least one AI specific feature which was originally launched on the LG V30 ThinQ premium device.

Specifically, it appears that the latest firmware distributed by AT&T introduces the AI Cam feature which leverages on machine learning to give the smartphone’s camera the ability to recognize different object categories and improve photography accordingly. For example, if the system detects that the subject matter falls into the food category, AI Cam will perform imaging adjustments in order to make photographed foods look even tastier. And because the system relies on machine learning, it promises to improve itself and deliver increasingly better results as time goes by. Now, according to Reddit users, the other camera-specific AI feature introduced with the LG V30 ThinQ, namely QLens, hasn’t been included in the latest firmware, but to a certain degree, this was expected. As a reminder, at the launch of the LG V30 ThinQ, the OEM confirmed that some, but not all ThinQ-specific AI features will be ported over to other devices as long as the hardware will support them. Having said that, it’s not clear whether QLens is missing from this firmware update on account of hardware limitations imposed by the standard LG V30, but either way, the feature is missing and it’s unlikely for it to be added at a later date.

The latest software update is being distributed by AT&T over the air, meaning that it should be preceded by a notification, though as is always the case, users can attempt to trigger the update manually by opening the settings menu and navigating to About phone -> Software Update. The package has a hefty size if 1.79GB so it’s highly recommended to apply the update while making sure that the LG V30 is fully charged and connected to an active Wi-Fi network.