AT&T's Galaxy S9 Promos Include Bill Credits Up To $500

AT&T's Galaxy S9 promos include bill credits up to $500 when you switch from a competing carrier and trade in your old devices. That's a hefty incentive for anyone who wants is considering upgrading to Samsung's latest flagship smartphones. The promotion also includes the Galaxy S9 Plus, so consumers who opt for the larger version of the phone won't be left out. That said there are some caveats to getting these credits on your bill, at least in regards to the trade-in.

you won't be able to trade in just any old smartphone and get the bill credit, which is up to $350. The smartphone you swap out will need to be a qualified device, such as the LG V30 or even Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus from last year. You also won't get $350 for every phone you trade in as some will likely fetch a lower amount if they happen to be older. If you're considering picking one of these up from the carrier you'll want to double check which phones will result in getting the bill credit and which ones won't before you go in expecting to save some money on the purchase.

In addition to the $350 if you switch from T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, or any other carrier that isn't AT&T-operated like Cricket, then you can pick up $150 more in bill credits to help supplement the cost of buying the device. These may not be direct savings off the price of the phone, but in the end it all comes out to be the same as you'll be spending $500 less on your monthly bills until those credits are used up. If you don't have an LG V30, Galaxy S8, or Galaxy S8 Plus to trade in, you can also get credits for trading in the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, the Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S7, Google Pixel 2, and Google Pixel 2 XL, though some of those phones will result in lower than the $350. It isn't specified how long AT&T is going to be giving these bill credits out to customers, so it's likely a better idea to go into the store and take advantage of them as soon as you can. Pre-orders on the phone also begin tomorrow.

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