Amazon Reveals Three New White Box AVS Solutions For OEMs


Amazon has now unveiled three new white box solutions qualified under its Alexa Voice Service (AVS) platform by original device manufacturers JUNLAM, Narui, and Adition for use by OEMs looking to create their own Alexa-enabled devices. Perhaps unsurprisingly, each is technically a new take on Amazon's Echo range of smart speakers but the device created by Adition stands out on its own as something that is at least trying to be different. That's because while the other two devices are effectively a variation on Amazon's devices, Adition's Lamp Speaker is a dimmable LED smart lamp with integrated speakers and Alexa. Audio is provided via dual two-inch 3-watt speakers which should provide relatively good audio. Those are squeezed behind a metal mesh and a light-ring separates them from the LED light tube above. Capping off the design are two microphones and four buttons for controlling the device. Aside from a dimmer button at the center, there is a button for muting the mics, two for volume controls, and an "action" button.

Of course, it bears mentioning that these aren't necessarily products that are going to become instant sensations at any retail locations anytime soon. Instead, Amazon is showcasing these original designs to highlight what can be done with the AVS platform and to inspire big name manufacturers. JUNLAM's CAW-18057 and Narui's M120 speakers show off how manufacturers can take the design in a slightly different direction from Amazon while following the same principles. They both fall squarely into the smart-speaker category despite variances in their internal specifications – for example, JUNLAM's device features a single 5-watt speaker, while Narui's offering has dual 3-watt speakers.  On the other hand, Adition's Lamp Speaker is the AVS ODM's first smart home lighting accessories, not meant to replace more conventional lighting but to augment it to varying degrees for whatever situation arrives. Alexa and the associated microphones and speakers act as a secondary, but still useful, functionality on top of that.

It remains to be seen whether or not any of the larger manufacturers take design cues from any of these devices, but the three new additions bring the total number of ODM examples up to 5. So this is a project of Amazon's that is growing, at any rate. Moreover, the company's continued openness to working with others for the benefit Alexa platform should go a long way toward helping the company's A.I. hold onto is position at the top.


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