Amazon Adds 'Follow-Up Mode' to All Alexa-Powered Devices

Amazon recently revealed that a "Follow-Up Mode" has made its way to all Alexa-powered devices. Whether you own any of Amazon's Echo devices, Motorola's Echo Moto Mod, or any other device that is Alexa-enabled, "Follow-Up Mode" will be made available to you. For those who don't know, if you want to ask Alexa a question, you have to summon her by saying her name. Once she activates, you can then proceed to ask her any question you want to. Normally, Alexa will stop listening for questions after one question has been answered. If you have more than one question, you must call Alexa once more in order to ask another question. Alexa wasn't capable of answering follow-up questions, and thanks to a recent update, all Alexa-Powered devices have a new "Follow-Up Mode."

"Follow-Up Mode" allows for the user to ask Alexa a follow-up question without having to wake Alexa up again. You will know if Alexa is still listening if her blue ring is still on, indicating that she is listening to you. When the blue ring disappears, Alexa has stopped listening, and you will have to say her name to wake her up again. Alexa will not allow for follow-up questions if you end your conversation with her. Saying anything like "thanks," "go to sleep," "your services are no longer required," or however you want to end conversations, she will need to be woken up. She will also not answer follow-up questions if she is not confident you are talking to her. So if she hears background noises, and doesn't know if you are talking to her, she will stop allowing questions. Also, if Alexa is playing any audio, like an audiobook or a song, you will have to wake her up every time you have a question.

Turning on Follow-up Mode is Quite simple. In your Alexa app, go to the menu and select Settings. Then you want to choose your Alexa device, then scroll down until you find Follow-Up Mode and then use the toggle to turn it on. "Follow-Up Mode" is a feature that is currently only available for those who have their language set to U.S English, and there is no word as to when it will be made available to the rest of the world.

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