YouTube Lists Consequences For Creators Causing It "Harm"


YouTube has been having a rash of trouble with creators scaring away advertisers and damaging the community's reputation recently, and the video giant has now put up a post on its support site detailing just how it plans to deal with such incidents going forward. While the community's judgment and the strike system is in place to help keep creators in line, sometimes good creators have a seriously bad moment or suddenly turn sour altogether. YouTube states in no uncertain terms that influential creators who cause damage to the platform will essentially be cut off from amassing views and making money, and perhaps even cut off from uploading videos to YouTube altogether.

At a basic level, creators who upload content that violates YouTube's community guidelines will get a slap on the wrist like having ads suspended, being temporarily banned from Trending, or being cut off from YouTube's creator advocacy programs. When things get out of hand in cases of severe violations from prominent partners, repeat violations, or if YouTube judges a creator's mistake to have been made with ill intent, the punishments get harsher. Depending on a number of factors like how influential a YouTuber is, what they did, and YouTube's own discretion, stars can find themselves out of Google Preferred, and their YouTube originals suspended, removed, or canceled. Creators can also lose access to the Partner Program and creator advocacy efforts like YouTube Spaces, taking away their source of revenue and resources that make their jobs easier. Creators can also be kicked out of YouTube's recommendation program, which means that their content won't be on the site's home page, in the Trending tab, or in the Watch Next section, bringing their ability to spread the word and get views level with brand-new channels.

It's easy to point to Logan Paul as the poster child for this phenomenon, but he's only the latest. Streamer Felix Kjellberg became one of the first YouTube celebrities under the name PewDiePie, and his vast influence made it all the more egregious when he uploaded a video that used antisemitic humor and exploitation of the poor to prove a point; the community saw it as him using those things as punchlines, and the media reacted accordingly, causing severe damage to YouTube's reputation. The platform has also just finished dealing with a massive influx of possibly AI-generated videos that baited kids beloved characters, then served them bizarre, surreal, and outright inappropriate content. While other policy changes surrounding recent incidents may have raised the barrier to entry, this move makes it very clear that YouTube is not going to tolerate bad behavior from its shining stars, and will readily distance itself from them in short order if they deviate too far out of the platform's intended image.

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