Upgraded LG V30 Unit Will Launch At MWC 2018, Exec Confirms

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A report surfaced last month, claiming that LG plans to launch a new V30 variant at MWC 2018, and now a new report surfaced, claiming the exact same thing. According to GearBurn, CY Kim, LG Electronics South Africa’s Managing Director, the company is planning to launch a new version of the LG V30 at this year’s MWC 2018, as the LG G7 will not make an appearance at the tradeshow. Kim allegedly confirmed that during LG Innofest event in Cape Town, while he also said that the LG G7 will be “a little late”.

We have confirmed recently that the LG G7 will not launch at MWC 2018, as LG is planning to launch it at a separate event in the coming months, but it seems like LG will not come to MWC 2018 empty handed. Mr. Kim did not share any additional details regarding this phone, but if last month’s report is to be believed, the all-new LG V30 will sport “advanced AI tech”. This new phone will, allegedly, be marketed as the LG V30 Plus Alpha (stylized as V30+α), and it will ship with some AI features. No additional information was shared in the aforementioned report, though, so we don’t exactly know what kind of AI features to expect. As far as the phone’s design and specs are concerned, it is expected to that the design will remain unchanged, and the same can be said for the phone’s specifications, as they’re expected to be identical to the LG V30 Plus’ specs.


A report surfaced a while back claiming that the LG G7 will be postponed, as LG ordered a revision of the phone, though LG’s exec later confirmed that the phone’s development is on schedule, but that the company is in no hurry to launch it. LG’s Vice Chairman, Cho Sung-jin, actually said at this year’s CES that LG is done with annual handset releases, and that the company may launch smaller hardware revisions on “a frequent basis”. That being said, the LG V30 Plus Alpha will probably be fueled by the Snapdragon 835 SoC, just like its sibling, while the phone will sport thin bezels, and be made out of metal and glass. The LG G7 will ship with thin bezels as well, while that phone will almost certainly be fueled by the Snapdragon 845, Qualcomm’s all-new flagship processor.