Tech21 Launches Samsung Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9 Plus Cases – MWC 2018

tech21 Galaxy S9 S9 Plus Cases from tech21

Tech21 has announced a new Evo range of Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus protective cases designed against case stereotypes to offer rugged protection without losing points for style. The cases range in effectiveness from resistance to ten-foot drops to fourteen-foot drops and were designed in partnership with Samsung. That means that buyers won’t need to worry about whether Evo fits or whether cutouts are in the proper places. It also means they won’t need to stop what they’re doing to check for damage just because their brand new handset just fell out of their pocket. There are six different variations of Evo cases to choose from, ranging in price from $39.95 up to $54.95, depending on which case is chosen and which model it is for.

Starting at the bottom end of that range gives owners of the newly launched Galaxy S9 three cases to choose from. Those are the Evo, Tactical, Pure Clear, and Evo Check cases. As its name implies, the Evo Clear is only available in one color variation – crystal clear. It also represents the weakest case on the list but the company says it will protect against ten-foot drops thanks to the fact it leverages the same material used in bulletproof glass. Although that’s hardly weak, the Evo Tactical and Check offer twelve-foot drop protection. Those two cases are nearly identical with the exception of coloration and texture. Tactical features a “raw” tactile feel in black, while Check is available with a check-covered clear pattern in six different colors. Meanwhile, each of these cases is available for Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Plus as well, for a slightly higher retail price of $44.95.

Working up the price spectrum, the next case is actually the most durable accessory the company has released to date. The Evo Max can, according to tech21, be dropped repeatedly from as high up as fourteen feet without damage to the device it’s supposed to be protecting. Unlike many other rugged cases, it’s also sold in no fewer than four colors so that style doesn’t have to take a back seat while still maintaining a relatively slim profile. Best of all, it’s not the most expensive new case announced at just $44.95 for the Galaxy S9 and $49.95 for the Galaxy S9 Plus. The final two cases from tech21 are the Evo Wallet and Evo Luxe. Either is available for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus for $49.95 and $54.95, respectively. The Evo Wallet is a folio-style case with space for credit cards and two color variants, while Luxe is an open case similar to the others but is comprised of “vegan” black leather. Both are rated to withstand twelve-foot drops. The price of these new cases may seem a bit steep for some users. However, these cases really do stand out in the wave of incoming accessories for the new flagships. More directly, with durability ratings like tech21’s, it’s probably a small price to pay to protect a very expensive smartphone in the long run.

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