Tech Armor Unveils Galaxy S9 Series Screen Protectors – MWC2018

Tech Armor Galaxy S9 Ballistic Glass Screen Protector

Tech Armor has unveiled Galaxy S9 series screen protectors at Mobile World Congress 2018 today, noting that the screen protectors are available for both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus models. These aren’t your standard screen protectors as they’re both made from ballistic glass and have 3D curved edges so as to perfectly match the edges of the two new phones while still delivering protection for the display underneath. Tech Armor says the protectors will cover the screens on both phones from edge to edge so things should fit seamlessly and keep the displays from being damaged from light drops, scratches, and dings.

More than just being shaped to match the curved edges of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, these new screen protectors from Tech Armor are also designed to protect the displays without interfering with the sensors on the screen, so you should be able to use the phone normally without any issues, meaning the screen protectors shouldn’t cause any problems with recognizing your finger presses and you should be able to interact with the display as you would without the screen protector on.

Additionally these protectors are “case-friendly” according to Tech Armor which means you can apply the screen protector to either the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus and still use any of the cases you may have been planning to put on the phone. Perhaps best of all is the cost, as Tech Armor will be selling these screen protectors for just $12.95 a piece for either version. Consumers will be able to buy them on the Tech Armor website directly starting from today, but they will also be available on Amazon in the near future for those who prefer to shop through Amazon instead, though it is worth noting that there is no mentioned date for an exact time of release on Amazon, so if you want to pick these up as early as possible buying straight through Tech Armor would be your only option. Tech Armor boasts that these are both made from the highest-grade Japanese Asahi Glass, and that the silicone adhesive on the back of the screen which will help these stick to the displays of the phones ensures a “bubble-free” application. These are also said to be extremely easy to install onto the display of the device.

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