T-Mobile Will Employ A.I. Tool For Customer Care Reps

T-Mobile will employ an A.I. tool for its customer care reps soon according to an announcement made by Tupl, the company providing the tool to the carrier. The tool is called an Autonomous Customer Care Resolution Tool or ACCR for short, and will allow for more than a few benefits for care reps but one of the most notable will be the ability for reps to serve customers faster when they call in for issues or assistance.

The platform that Tupl is providing to T-Mobile is based on artificial intelligence technology and is said to be 100 times faster than the previous tool that T-Mobile was using in place of the ACCR, in addition to being four times more accurate and having a 90-percent automation level. The tool is also boasted to be consistent 100-percent of the time which according to Tupl CEO Petri Hautakangas, would be an impossible goal to achieve for T-Mobile without the ACCR tool in place. Whether or not that's true is unknown, but it also won't matter much as T-Mobile seems to be very pleased with Tupl providing the tool for use by its customer care reps. According to T-Mobile's SVP Technology Service Delivery Brian King, the ACCR tool has helped them respond to customer issues faster.

T-Mobile has always been big on delivering excellent customer service to its subscribers and appears keen on continuing to provide that sort of customer service. In the image below, a diagram shows how the tool will essentially operate and make things faster for reps, with everything customer complaints to network topology to work orders being processed through the Customer Care Automation tool, and then being accessible after the automation by both the Customer Care and Engineering teams. It seems that T-Mobile has already started using the tool with some customer care reps so it's likely that it has already rolled it out in some of its customer care centers, though there was no mention of whether or not it was already fully deployed or it's still in the process of being rolled out to all care reps nationwide. While this will be a huge benefit to customer care reps for the wireless carrier, as it will help them do their jobs faster and make things a little more convenient, it will also be good for the customers as they should get to spend less time on the phone when they need an issue resolved.

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