T-Mobile & MetroPCS Unveil Their Tax Season Deals


United States taxpayers will be getting their income tax refunds very soon, and those who have been waiting for that grand windfall to snap up a new phone or add a line on T-Mobile or MetroPCS have a few special deals to look forward to. On the MetroPCS side, anybody who ports in their number from another carrier besides T-Mobile and signs up for an unlimited LTE plan will get an instant rebate of up to $150 off of any device, meaning the customer can simply pay the sales tax, activation fee, and first month of service, and walk out. There's also a $50 rebate for loyal customers looking to add a line or get a new phone. T-Mobile, meanwhile, is offering a buy one get one free deal on the LG G6, LG V30, and LG V30 Plus.

All of these deals, like any others, have some caveats that potential buyers should be aware of. The T-Mobile deal, for example, requires you to pay the normal costs of starting up an equipment installment plan up front, which can be just the sales tax for customers with great credit and good standing with the company, and up to half of the device's total value for some others. After paying this amount up front, though, the entire cost of the device will be deducted from your bill little by little, essentially nullifying the EIP charges and any upfront costs paid. This can also be combined with the Valentine's Day deal, if you happen to get your taxes in early, which means that adding a line with one LG phone on the deal will get you another line for the second device for free. The MetroPCS deal does not offer a refund if you use your rebate on a device worth less than the rebate amount, but both of the deals that MetroPCS is currently running can be combined with the 4 for $100 promo, scoring switchers 4 lines of unlimited LTE for only $100 per month, so long as they port in at least one phone number.

Along with cautions specific to these deals, all of the usual ones apply. One example of this is in cancellation. Taking advantage of the free device promo for T-Mobile and then canceling will nullify any future credits toward the free device, and the remaining amount will become due. The credit for a free line, meanwhile, requires at least 3 lines at full price, so couples and small families will not be able to take advantage of that deal without finding other people to gift with a line or two. These are fairly standard practice for promos in the wireless industry, for the most part. The MetroPCS deals come with a bit less red tape, since MetroPCS is a prepaid carrier.

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