Swann To Launch IoT Smart Video Doorbell This Month

Swann Smart Video Doorbell

Swann, a manufacturer of consumer electronics and security monitoring solutions is reportedly gearing up for launching a new wireless smart video doorbell which should become available for purchase later this month. The product will apparently be called the “Smart Video Doorbell” and unlike some of the company’s previous doorbell and video intercom solutions, this new product will reportedly fully embrace the Internet of Things and provide some sort of voice functionality through AI platforms including the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The wireless Smart Video Doorbell will presumably be powered by user-removable batteries, thus eliminating the need for power cables. This approach is not new for Swann, but apparently, the upcoming solution will offer more advanced smart features pertaining to the Internet of Things, including integration with Google and Amazon’s virtual assistants. It’s not entirely clear how the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa will integrate with the Swann Smart Video Doorbell but presumably, any voice-controlled functionalities that may be employed by the product will be reserved for the home’s interior and will remain unnoticed by visitors ringing the doorbell. Additionally, Swann’s upcoming solution will apparently take advantage of the company’s True Detect heat and motion sensing technology introduced in mid-2017, which is designed to prevent false triggers that may be caused by falling leaves, rain, bugs, wind, and other elements.

Reports also suggest that Swann’s next gadget will be capable of streaming the camera’s live feed to an Android TV or Chromecast device, which means that unlike the company’s previous Intercom-based solutions, the upcoming Video Doorbell may not be released alongside a dedicated display. Technically speaking, this should result in a less costly product as adding an LCD panel to any doorbell would ramp up the production costs, but all in all, pricing details are currently unknown so it remains to be seen in which price bracket the product ends up competing in. The Swann Smart Video Doorbell will reportedly launch before the end of February, so the product will inevitably compete directly with solutions such as the Ring Video Doorbell which usually retails for around $180, as well as the new Nest Hello smart doorbell which is set to ship in March for $230.