Sprint's Network Use At Super Bowl Up 94-Percent YoY


Sprint customers at Super Bowl LII used a full 94-percent more data than they did last year, jumping up from 5TB to 9.7TB. This usage figure is divided fairly evenly among four key types of traffic; 22-percent of usage was from video streaming, while 25-percent was from social media. Audio streaming accounted for 26-percent of the traffic, while general web browsing had the greatest representation in the chart with 27-percent. As with the other carriers who reported these types of figures, a few key data spike periods were responsible for a majority of the usage. Those were, as always, Justin Timberlake's spectacular halftime show and its controversial Prince tribute, and the end of the game, when Tom Brady made a key fumble that arguably sealed the Patriots' fate.

Sprint, like all of the other major carriers, made extensive preparations for game day in the form of both permanent and temporary enhancements to its network to boost speed and capacity. According to Ookla Speedtest data outed by T-Mobile, Sprint's network posted serviceable speeds throughout the game, even if it failed to blast ahead of the competition at any point. Given the massive jump in data usage for this year's Super Bowl, it's safe to say that Sprint's preparations paid off, lending its customers the sharing and streaming power they desired during the game. Both Verizon and T-Mobile saw higher total usage during this year's Super Bowl than Sprint did, but neither one saw a year on year jump as high as the one that Sprint's customers logged.

Aside from having enough network speed and capacity to keep fans in and around US Bank Stadium happy, Sprint also did some advertising during this year's Super Bowl. Viewers at home were treated to the sight of AI-driven robot Evelyn, among others, laughing at customers of other carriers over their choice of wireless provider. This commercial went out well before the big game, but was shown as Sprint's flagship advertisement during the Super Bowl on many networks. Naturally, this ad also featured trophy spokesman Paul Marcarelli, who Sprint has essentially been waving in the face of his former employer Verizon, since they signed him on.


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