Speck Has Eight Cases For Samsung's New Galaxy S9 Devices – MWC 2018

Speck Cases For Galaxy S9 S9 Plus Title Image

Speck has now announced its own protective cases for the brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, which were revealed today at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. There are 8 cases in total in the new lineup. Those range in price from around $39.95 to just shy of $60 and there are several designs and functions to choose from on the company’s website – which means there should be a case there for just about everybody looking at buying one of Samsung’s new flagship devices. Best of all, many of the cases are on offer with free two-day shipping, so nobody has to go for too long without some form of protection on their device. Buttons leading to the page for each of the new smartphones can be found below for anybody who happens to be in a rush.

Starting things off at the bottom of the price spectrum is Speck’s Presidio CLEAR case which sells for the Galaxy S9 at $39.95 and for the Galaxy S9 Plus at $44.95. As the name implies, these cases are crystal clear so owners of the new flagships can show off their device. The variant of that case meant for the larger of Samsung’s new flagships is one of those on offer with free two-day shipping. If a clear case isn’t quite the right style, the Presidio GRIP and standard Presidio case are available for that same price. The standard Presidio comes in four different colors for the Galaxy S9 to accent those found on the new handset, while it is only available in black for the S9 Plus. However, it also features Speck’s trademark IMPACTIUM drop protection, which claims drop protection from 10 feet up. Meanwhile, the GRIP is designed with a more grabby material so that it’s not as likely to be dropped on accident and comes in all four colors for both devices. Meanwhile, the Presidio comes with free two-day shipping for both and the GRIP has a free two-day shipping offer for the Galaxy S9 Plus. Moving up the price scale, there are three separate case designs available at either $44.95 for the Galaxy S9 or $49.95 for the Galaxy S9 Plus. Those include the Presidio Clear + Glitter case, Presidio SPORT, and Presidio Folio. As the name likely gives away, the first of those is nearly identical to the above-mentioned CLEAR case but incorporates glitter into the material itself. Three colors are available for both of Samsung’s latest devices, including pink, gold, and purple. The SPORT, on the other hand, features Microban anti-microbial technology and provides 360-degree protection in five different color schemes. Finally, the FOLIO puts function front and center as a folding wallet-style case, featuring a secure card slot and hands-free viewing stand built right in. Multiple color options are available for these cases as well.

Moving on to the last two cases, the first is the Presidio FOLIO LEATHER, which follows along the same line as the Presidio FOLIO case but is comprised of bonded leather in one of two colors for an even more stylish appeal. For the Galaxy S9, the leather will bring the price up to 54.95, while the larger Galaxy S9 Plus version will set buyers back $59.95. Last but not least, the Presidio ULTRA is a hybrid rugged case for those users who are all but guaranteed to drop their new phone as soon as they unbox it. 360-degree drop protection from 15 feet is provided with four color layouts to choose from. The ULTRA will cost buyers $49.95 for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and $54.95 for the Galaxy S9 Plus.

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