SpamHound SMS Spam Filter Helps Block Annoying Text Messages

A new app recently hit the Google Play Store and is designed to help users manage their incoming SMS and MMS texts. SpamHound SMS Spam Filter launched on iOS’ App Store late in 2017, and is now also available for Android users. Designed by Redwerk, the new mobile application is a first for the developing crew. Redwerk’s previous work includes a political election game, as well as an iOS app for documenting and reading reviews on travel. SpamHound is therefore the first application by Redwerk intended for use as a device managing tool.

SpamHound presents a rather robust array of features considering its recent arrival. The first of these may be unsurprising. SpamHound on both iOS and Android can be used to manage the receipt of only certain text messages, based on an almost infinite amount of customizable criteria determined by the user. Here is how this works: upon downloading the application, the user will need to grant several permissions so that SpamHound can locally read contact and text information before allowing the SMS or MMS text to be displayed in the native texting application. SpamHound thus does not replace the default messenger of choice, but merely intercepts all messages and permits all white-listed or otherwise acceptable messages to appear. It’s worth noting that the iOS version of SpamHound cannot intercept other iPhone users messages while iMessage is enabled. Because SpamHound screens texts natively, the app can be set up to work without an internet connection, thereby allowing Redwerk’s app to function without receiving the user’s texting data.

Some other enhancements include the ability to block unknown numbers, known numbers, and even whitelist numbers to never be blocked by any crossing-over of other rules. SpamHound’s usefulness extends beyond the sending party’s number, however. Redwerk’s app filter allows a user to refine receipt of messages by even characters, words, phrases, or similar criteria contained within the messages themselves. This effectively allows users to create filters to block texts from ex-lovers all the way to annoying alerts about incoming personal safety threats. SpamHound claims to be an effective tool for helping guard your phone against unwanted communication and attacks. The price to purchase the German developer’s app is $1.99 from both Google Play or the App Store. On iOS, Redwerk also offers a call-blocking application for an additional $1.99.


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