Sony Brings God of War: A Call From The Wilds To Facebook Messenger

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Sony has introduced the text adventure God of War: A Call From The Wilds to Messenger, casting users of Facebook‘s instant messaging app in the shoes of Atreus as he ventures out to assist his father, Kratos. Players will be able to control the actions of Atreus, the main character of the game, by just typing out commands such as “inventory” to check out the items they are carrying, for example. There’s a host of other commands that players can execute as they progress through the text adventure game.

The God of War game was announced during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, in Los Angeles in June 2016. The franchise consists of popular series of games and it has gained much traction for its enjoyable combat style. The game also promises a slash style action that has been brought a few notches higher for its amazing experience. God of War: A Call From The Wilds is also the latest game to arrive on Messenger, which recently allowed fans of Mattel Inc.’s popular card game UNO to play the game on the messaging platform. Also, Facebook Messenger began letting its more than a billion users play Instant Games on the platform in May last year. The Instant Games’ features include rich gameplay features and Game bots, which allow game makers to showcase new exciting features and rewards.

Additionally, other games that have recently launched on Messenger include Zynga’s popular Words with Friends game, which hit Messenger’s Instant Games in May last year. It’s worth pointing out that Zynga is popular for being one of the pioneers when it comes to Facebook’s original game service, though the gaming company struggled financially after Facebook pulled the plug on its gaming platform. Gaming is something that Messenger has been banking on lately as part of a broader effort to attract more users to the platform. In May 2017, Facebook started testing a new Messenger interface designed to put more focus on Instant Games. Facebook Messenger has become a major component of the social networking site since it became a standalone app. With its whopping 1.2 billion users, the addition of more games to the platform could help the service gain even more users.