SnapPower Intros GuideLight 2 Plus, Its New Smart Nightlight


Utah-based SnapPower has now announced a followup to its original GuideLight range of home lighting solutions. For those who may be unfamiliar with SnapPower, the tech company specializes in manufacturing modified power outlet and switch covers. The GuideLight is one such series of products which features built-in LEDs that automatically turn on based on ambient lighting conditions. While the idea may sound simplistic on its surface, they function as an alternative to the more standard plug-in nightlights to provide some visibility in low-light conditions – without the added hassle of having to replace bulbs or find spare plugs. The original product was first revealed way back in 2014 and the latest addition to the GuideLight family newest additions to the Guidelight family are the GuideLight 2 Plus and GuideLight 2 Plus for GFCI.

As is probably given away by the latter device's name, the GuideLight 2 Plus for GFCI is compatible with ground fault circuit interrupters. That means GuideLights are now completely compatible with the safety mechanisms usually found in bathrooms or other areas where electricity and water are in close proximity. Meanwhile, both of the new SnapPower accessories have improved on the previous iteration in other ways, as well. For starters, instead of three individual LEDs, the new products include a single soft light bar along the bottom of the covers to provide a more evenly dispersed glow where they are installed. Both a brightness adjustment and an on/off switch have also been added to the design so that users have more control over that lighting.

While the lighting system on offer from SnapPower is certainly not as fancy as some of the widely available smart lighting solutions on the market, it is an interesting break from how complicated those other systems can be. Despite their simplicity, it's definitely an interesting and intuitive update over the more traditional nightlights often used to make navigating a home in the dark a less hazardous affair. Better still, that simplicity equates to easy setup, with no need to bother with wiring or batteries, and a reasonably low cost. The GuideLight 2 Plus can be purchased for around $16, while the GFCI version is only $3 more. So anybody interested in checking them out or picking some up will probably want to head over to the official store through the button below.


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