Smart Water Monitoring System Flo Adds Alexa Support

Flo Product 3

Flo was announced at CES 2018 last month in Las Vegas. And it’s a security system for your home’s plumbing. It works to keep tabs on your water at home to find leaks and stop them. Now, Flo is beginning to ship. But that is not today’s big announcement. The big announcement today is actually the fact that Flo is getting Alexa support. Allowing you to ask Alexa how your home water system is going and finding problems. Alexa is able to also give the user updates on water usage, making it easier to use less water, especially if you live in an area that might be experiencing a drought – like Cape Town, South Africa.

Priced at $499, Flo is not cheap, but it can save you a whole lot more. On average, flooding due to water leaks cost homeowners around $8,500 per year, and nearly 13% of your home’s water supply is wasted in water leaks. So Flo is not only going to save you some water, but also flooding damages. And for $499, it’s definitely worth it. Flo uses multiple sensors to detect when a faucet in your home is leaking, which is how it is able to detect these slower leaks, that only drop a couple of drops per minute. Flo also uses machine learning to learn when there is a leak versus when there isn’t. The company calls it “FloSense”.

If you are looking to pick up Flo, you can grab it from the company’s website now, for $499. It is shipping, though Flo has not announced how long it’ll take to arrive in your home. Setup is rather easy, as you’d expect with smart home gadgets like this. Flo walks you through setup with its Android app (also available on iOS). So no matter how handy (or not so handy you are), you’ll be able to install Flo pretty easily. This is one of the more innovative smart home products on the market, so it’s great to see that it is adding Amazon Alexa support. However, there’s no word just yet on when it will be available with Google Assistant support.

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