Samsung Shares Insights Into 9 New Galaxy S9 Features – MWC 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus MWC Batch 2 AH 1

Tying in with its MWC 2018 reveal of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, Samsung has now released a new set of hands-on videos showing off 9 of those flagships’ best features. Those, of course, include an overview of the overall design refinements made on top of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Changes range from subtle enhancements, such as a more robust Gorilla Glass 5, to the more obvious changes like the use of darker blacks in both bezels and the display to create a more uniform aesthetic. Aside from those improvements and the availability of the device in four total colors – including the new Lilac Purple – many of the best features coming to the new flagships center around the cameras.

First up, the new Super Slow-mo feature allows users to capture video at a staggering 960 frames per second. Of course, that’s not at all just for capturing footage that’s all about the action. Users can take advantage of the new feature to capture the very best still shots of any given moment or use the built-in software to generate GIFs for use on the home screen, lock screen, or backed by music for sharing. Better still, thanks to the devices’ new Dual Aperture camera setup, which features both a f/2.4 and f/1.5 aperture, those moments can automatically adjust to capture a low-light scene in more detail. While it may or may not be stretching things just a bit, Samsung actually compares the aperture adjustments to the human eye in terms of speed and accuracy.

With that new dual-12-megapixel cameras on the back, the company also introduced a couple of other hardware-based features. That includes Super Speed Dual Pixel and dual optical image stabilization so that shots are taken quickly and with minimal negative effect from a shaky hand. On the software side of the new cameras, Samsung has introduced four new features. Live Focus and new Background Blur tools allow for fine-tuned Bokeh effect adjustments and for blur effect in specific shapes to bring more personality to images. Beyond that, users can also now take a single selfie, ala Allo, and create their own personal animated avatar for use with messaging applications. The AR Emoji, as it’s called, is fully customizable and Samsung says it will even imitate user facial expressions. Finally, Bixby has been fully integrated with the camera to give users easy access to translations and other helpful information about their surroundings.


The speakers in the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have been enhanced as well, with a new AKG-tuned stereo experience built into both the earpiece and bottom-firing speaker. That includes Dolby Atmos support for a more immersive sound experience that mimics 360-degree surround. Meanwhile, DeX has been updated with a new pad that also allows users to use their Galaxy S9 device as a touch keyboard and touch mouse while in desktop mode. Not content at stopping there, Samsung has bolstered the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus security features by combining iris scanning and facial recognition into a feature called Intelligent Scan. That makes security more robust and less faulty, regardless of the user’s environment. Last but not least, the fingerprint scanner has been enhanced with a new functionality which will let users tie the device’s secure folder to a single fingerprint.